Bill Gates and You

Bill Gates says Neuroscientists haven't a clue.
But they haven't got you.
Maybe there's just too much ego rampant
As was shown when the reality of the Brain got loose
And told, in the middle of the night, Otto Loewi,
"Get your obedient goodly self out of bed
And get to the laboratory NOW
And do this and do that NOW!"
And obedientley he did. And we shot miles ahead.
Or eons ahead, who can tell?
So maybe too many Computer Science Hall of Famers,
Real ones or know they should be,
Walk now around Microsoft Research halls
Who need someone like you
To keep them from becoming huge clots in the flow,
Someone who understands Love makes it all go,
As when Olausson and Lamarre ran along
Just outside the window of news for a time,
Long enough to tell some of the world
That all the tender nerves that harbor love,
Almost all the nerves of each babe that's born
Are attached to the Core Brain, the Insula,
And the reality of the Brain that
Your art always comes from, Vika,
Probably harbored for life and waiting in each Insula,
Reached through your obedient, goodly fingers
And showed us all the Insulas from sperm and from ovum
The female conscious of self and the male conscious of other
Just as bacteria everywhere have just that consciousness
Of self and of other as basics for life.