poems by Roy Culver

Roy Culver


The Resurrection of America

MASK The New America
(A play in five scenes and any number of acts)


The Parthenon Trilogy: An Injun-Type Poem of the Love of VIKA:


     ,Originals: A Comedy of American Injun Love Performed on the International Stage,

     The Film-play Roxanne Stratou


Concerning The Parthenon Trilogy

These plays are, like the interplanetary shelter known as Mir, left adrift now in the immeasurable space of strange stars, where no goodship Enterprise will ever venture, known as Internet. They are the stuff of a present-day Injun's overheated mind, an Injun who hates the word Indian as he will forever hate the worthless arrogance that imposed such error upon his nation and and so many others. But any such hatred is a petty thing and in no way touches the love he has long lived with and celebrates herein among these words scattered like ashes of a time that Melville would appreciate in whatever space it is he too has been left to drift with the remains of his American Pequod. But as every good Injun can be heard declaring today like a great circus parade always taking over and marching down Main Street, "To Hell with Literature!"

Roy Culver