The Resurrection of America by Roy Culver             

Okay, this is a Roy Culver kind of movie script. After the opening shots of company logos like Universal and its world shot or Paramount and its mountain shots we fade into a beautiful blackness which explodes into a big bang-like showering of wonderfully colored little rocketburst-like sparks in the blackness, all a big explosion sounding off with Mahler-like Zarathustra music with these sparks pouring down as in neon colorings making everything a rolling, boiling cavernous labyrinth, all film titles coming forth in this elaboration of earthly waste, with a sign somewhere saying Casino, until a door opens st the bottom of it all to let Sam Shepard, big hat, boots and all, wide-stride out to a bus stop on the street in front of the place. He is protecting himself as the colors seem to pound down like heavy rain all about him so he takes shelter under the bus stop and plops onto the seat there.

Sam--Ow! Hey! Wow! What a mess! Whooie!
[Peru comes down on large angel wings, very large.]
Peru--Sam! Sam Shepard! Where are you, Sam?
Sam--(peering out from under whatever)--Hey! Hey! I'm over here! You looking for me?
Peru--(plopping onto the ground and breaking the end of one wing on the bus stop shelter)--Ow! Ow! That hurt! Can you imagine? How come I felt that? Yeah, it's that Bonnie Bassler thing. She's making my wings know self and other.
Sam--Really? You came from Bonnie Bassler who made us know we're aware in the trillion trillions? You meet her?
Peru--(trying to get in the seat but her wings too big to let her in the shelter)--Boy! These things are hardly bankable. Well, Bonnie Bassler--Oh, you're Sam Shepard, my grandaddy's hero, right?
Sam--Guess that's right. I'm just about everybody's grandaddy's hero anymore. Nobody knows me that's Star Wars age.
Peru--(She slaps his shoulder, laughing)--Oh Sam! Everybody I know knows you except the geeks. Bonnie Bassler says tell you you can make love.--(Then she's quiet, looking at him. She does a lot of putting a fist under her chin to study something. Sam just looks at her, quiet too.)
Peru--Well, you made your problem known and that's why I'm here.
Sam--(looking at her, quiet.)
Peru--Sort of.
Sam--What're you doin with those wings?
Peru--(looking around at her regalia and laughing)--That's so I can get some licks in about the Jews.
Sam--(very clearly taken aback)--Hey! You can't say Jew . . . Hey! That's not done on the American stage, y'know!
Peru--(sort of taking off a wing, shaking it out and putting it back on) --Oh well, America's lost. You know that, Sam. There just ain't no

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© 2006 Roy Culver