Roy Culver
Her Lover

Act I, Scene I

(Scene, a courtroom with judge, jury, prosecuting attorney and staff, defence, Vika, audience and all other necessities.)

Judge (pounding gavel) Hear ye, hear ye, all here and present will come to order. Be so kind as to read the charges.)

Reader--Charges are herewith brought against Vika Culver, American citizen and internationally renowned artist, for seeking to become rich and one of the elite among the higher social classes by forcing thousands of dollars from anyone who would use in any new form whether some new presentation in English or any new translation of an older presentation into another language her revelations and discoveries concerning the Insulae, especially the human Insulae, which her art has revealed beyond question, all of which we have depicted in a light sketch we show you here. (And the Reader holds up for all to see the accompanying sketch:)

revealing for the first time ever that the Insula in one hemisphere, probably the right, is male and is God, the One Electron, there being in all of Being only One Electron, all others being resonances of God in the stream of time. In its human form, this probably right Insula results from the sperm, Bonnie Bassler, the Bacteriologist at Princeton's Awareness of the Other, which comes leaping and bounding looking for the longed-for Other, which, as Vika Culver shows is Awareness of Self, giving the two forms of awareness that are in, as Bassler shows, all forms of bacterial and other life everywhere, so the One Insula, probably the Right, is from the sperm and is God while the other is God's Beloved, his Heaven from which He creates His Separation from Heaven (Her) with every pulsation every 10-88 of a second in which He is in the form of Heaven (Her) and then in the form of the universe (us), which is realized in feeling by all creatures as longing, yearning all stemming from God's Love of Her. Which is all, as Vika Culver shows, our sense of longing and loneliness that is actually our sharing in God's feeling for Her, His Heaven, when separated from her every 10-88 second, all of which with the exception of Professor Bassler's contribution, Vika Culver has herewith copyrighted and, according to the specia edict handed down by the United States Supreme Court, which allows corporations to patent whatever they possibly can including in some cases the air that people breathe and the water they drink, patented.

Judge--But I thought the charges against her were as to whether we are going to stone her to death because of adultery.

Reader--(stares at the Judge in amazement, looks at his papers carefully, turns a page or two and looks again, not speaking.)

Judge--Well? What case do we have here, man?

Reader--But, your honor, where did you get all that?

Defense attorney--Yes, yes, what is happening here? What? Where did you get that, your honor?

Judge--(immediately irate)--In the back room. Just now. Why, you were all there. People talking about adulterers asking if somebody's come was sweeter than somebody else's come. Good God! Right now.

Defense attorney--But that was "Closer", your honor! The officers who found her picked her up at a movie where all this was happening .

Judge--In public? They were adulterers and talking about such hideous things in public? Why didn't they get other people then?

Defense attorney--She was the only one who didn't run.--(He gestures toward Vika, who is sitting at a table paying no attention to them. She is preoccupied with drawing.)--They say she has never run from anything in all her life. But where do you get this 'stone her to death for adultery'? What kind of thing are you . . . Are you out of your mind, your honor?

Judge--Jesus may come at any moment, young man!

Defense attorney--(dropping some papers he had in his hand)--What? . . . What are you saying, your honors?

Judge--(standing)--At any moment, Jesus may come crashing through those windows with all his angels to take those of us who belong to His Rapture off to heaven and we have to be ready, ready, ready, I'm telling you, every second, yes, yes, every nanosecond! That's what every thing, every single blessed and unblessed thing is all about these days, do you understand?

Defense attorney--But didn't Jesus himself say Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?

Judge--(banging his gavel)--That was AFTER the law was made, young man! After the laws of God were laid down for all to follow in The Rapture--(He sits down, quietly picking up some papers and putting on his reading glasses to peacefully peer at them.)--I am sure that all good Americans in this courtroom agree with me. Right?

(In back of everything, huge letters appear with the one word RIGHT!)



© 2006 Roy and Vika Culver

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